Welcome to Santa Teresa Costa Rica!

How to arrive?

  • Flight
    There are regular domestic flights between San Jose (SJO) and Tambor (TMU) which is about 40 minutes from Santa.
    The airlines are SansaAir flysansa.com or Green Airways costaricagreenair.com
    There are usually taxis waiting at Tambor airport but to be sure you can order a taxi prior here
    The taxi cost anywhere between $55 and $75

  • Driving
    Drive time 5-7 hours
    Santa Teresa is on the Nicoya peninsula, you can drive from San Jose to Santa Teresa around the peninsula. The more common option is to take a ferry which leaves every few hours from Puntarenas.
    You can buy a ticket at quickpaycr.com or at the location. (Half the tickets are sold online, so even if you cannot buy a ticket online you may be able to buy at the location)
    Tip: use waze as Google maps tends to lead one through a river somewhere near Tambor

  • Shuttle
    There are shuttles that go from SJO airport to Santa Teresa. Reach out to the shuttle service here


Our location



Safety Tips:

  • Avoid visits to the beach during nighttime as the beaches are not known to be safe at night

  • Take extra care while driving an ATV or motorbike. The roads are bumpy and unsafe. This cannot be stressed this enough. There are ATV fatalities multiple times a year.

  • The roads can be difficult to navigate and it is therefore recommended that a 4 wheel drive vehicle be used. It is also recommended to avoid driving through rivers after rainfall as the rivers are stronger than they look and may pull the car down stream.

  • Petty theft is not uncommon and it is imperative to look after your belongings

  • Emergency: 911

  • Police station: +506-26400856
    Clinic: +506-26420208
    ST/ Unimed (also has the X-ray machine): +506 2640-0644
    Santa Teresa lifeguard for ocean emergencies: +506-2640-0911
    Chabad +50689029749


Hotels near Chabad

Sim card

  • There are a few options for sim cards but the most simple is to purchase a Claro Sim at SJO airport at the baggage claim (coat $20)
    Otherwise you may purchase sim cards at many convenient store.



  • The local currency is the Costa Rican Colones
    Money can exchanged at the airport or at a bank


Currency data courtesy coinmill.com


Things to do

  • Surfing

  • Montezuma waterfalls

  • Tortuga Island

  • Scuba diving

  • Horseback riding

Other Chabad throughout Costa Rica

  • Chabad Jaco

  • Chabad Tamarindo

  • Chabad San Jose (this is a community Chabad synagogue)

    • Kosher options in San Jose
      Chabad of San Jose sells Kosher meat and has a catering service.
      There is a kosher store here
      There are regular food products with kosher symbols that can be purchased in Pricesmart (membership based), Auto Mercado (Pas Yisroel bagels), Walmart and others.


  • At the moment we do not have a Mikvah. If Mikvah is needed please contact Mrs. Chana Dubinsky at here

Shabbat and Holidays

  • Join us at Chabad where you can expect anywhere between 40 and 100 fellow Jewish brothers and sisters mostly Israeli backpackers on their post army trip. The Shabbat food is delicious and plenty with Challa and Israeli dips, fish (when available) and meat dishes. 

  • Schedule:

Friday night:

Kabalat Shabbat at 6:30 p.m

Friday night dinner at 7:30 p.m

Sabbat morning:

Morning prayer at 09:00

Shabbat lunch at 11:00

  • Registration for Shabbat is required, you can register here

We look forward to seeing you. Shabbat Shalom!!

Shabbat and Halachic Times




  • Eat Kosher is operated and located at Chabad. At Eat Kosher you can enjoy delicious Kosher Schnitzel, fries, salads, humus, smoothies & more! Please note that orders do not need to be done in advance.
    You may view the menu here

  • Operational Hours
    Sunday - Thursday  12:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Take Out Options
    Please Note
    We ask that orders from the Kosher Take-Out be made at least 48 hours in advance for a large group. (to ensure we have stock please contact us as early as possible).

Food products:

  • At Chabad you can purchase meat and poultry as well as wine (and Challa with prior notice)

  • Local Supermarkets carry the basic products with kosher symbols (cereals, mayonnaise, chips, canned foods etc.). The large grocery store located closest to Chabad is Super Ronnies 1. There are grocery stores throughout town. There are no Cholov Yisroel or Pas Yisroel products in the local supermarkets. You could find soy milk and almond milk in supermarkets.


  • Typically we have Minyan for Kriat Hatorah on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30 am. (breakfast served at 9:00)
  • On Friday night we typically have a Minyan for Kabblat Shabbat 
  • When there is a group interested we have Minyan for Shacharit on Shabbat morning at 09:00 am
  • Minyan for holidays vary and is hard to predict

How is Chabad funded

  • Chabad does not receive funding from "Chabad Central Offices"

  • Around 1/3 of our funding comes from Chai Club members (monthly donations)

  • The rest is raised from community members and visitors like you

  • Please consider joining our Chai Club or making a one time donation at ChabasST.com/Donate